EYE TRACKING of R&B GROUP is the innovative research technology for measuring perception and for optimization of communications with customers that allows to increase efficacy of advertising campaign and recoupment of investment.

Eye Tracker is the 17-inch high-quality monitor with two unnoticed built-in infra-red cameras and software that identifies the features of human eyes and represents some important measures of eye activity.

Eye Tracker of R&B Group company has no visible, moving or putted on respondent devices in contrast to earlier models which might affect the respondent’s behaviour and his reactions.

  • Reliable and accurate data that are ensured due to the renewed and improved model;
  • Natural and unobtrusive research. Large freedom of head movement allows respondents to behave naturally as in front of any other computer screen and ensures complete naturalness of research terms that advantageously distinguishes the technology of R&B Group company;
  • Visualization of results. The newest software represents 5 types of data visualization and complete  statistical analysis;
  • Voluminous studies in the most time efficient way. The automated data processing easily represents the results of unlimited amount of respondents immediately after testing;
  • Spontaneous, unconscious reactions, verbal undistorted results that is missed with traditional research methods;
  • Testing of any visual communications.

  • What is capturing your target group's attention
  • What elements remain ignored and unnoticed
  • Where and when your advertisement lose your customer's attention 
  • Whether the key message of your ad is being noticed
  • Whether your logo and brand are being noticed
  • The path your audience takes when consuming your material 
  • Whether customers pay attention on your ad among the others
  • Which alternative of your advertisement would attract more attention of the customers

In order to receive subjective and objective estimations we offer to conduct research in the HALL-TEST mode combining traditional research methods and EYE TRACKING. Using unique combination of traditional and innovative methods Eye tracking of R&B Group company allows to estimate:

  • Retention in memory of ad;
  • Involvement  of customers;
  • Key message comprehension;
  • Information value;
  • Effect on brand;
  • Brand position;
  • Emotional perception.

Combining traditional research methods and Eye Tracking we get the most complete picture of customer's perception of your advertising, packaging design or web site and can point out to the most suitable decisions. When you know where your target audience is looking at and what does it see you can intensify your study with focus groups or interviews to get both quantitative and qualitative data. You'll know why people look at this element and what do they think.


Research objective: to know:

  • for how long time the average respondent look at the  Lexus ad?
  • how is the attention spread between the different elements in the advertising?

Methodology: Picture was exposed until the respondent switched the picture and it was shown to100 respondents.

By looking at the statistics we can se that the average respondent looked at the ad for 3,85 seconds.

But what did they look at up to the point when they switched the picture? 

TFF θ =  Time to first fixation, which mean of the order that the respondents looked at the different areas. Smaller time duration equals faster findability.

OL θ = The average observation length, measured in time, time for a certain area.

ARA =is the ability to retain attention on a certain AOI. This measure is generated from the maximum duration of the stimuli and average observation length.


  • The car is the focus of the ad, but 77% of the respondents do not see what brand the car is because they do not observe the logo in the top right corner;
  • The average respondent looks at the ad for 3.85 seconds and the total ability to retain attention is very good;
  • The plant is confusing and is not directing any attention to the logo, even though, it is pointing towards the logo;
  • The average path is leading the reader to the text and a majority read the text. 

Recommendation: to mention the brand in the text.