Printed Media

Whether your printed advertising can get the target audience interested and convey all necessary information to the consumer.
Eye-tracking research allows you to know how the target audience perceives your advertising production, whether main creative idea and messages are understandable, and what key design elements are noticed and unnoticed. If you combine Eye-tracking research with traditional polling methods it will be possible to check understandability and memorability of your advertising. Thus, you will see a complete picture of your advertising perception and understand preferences of the target audience. On this basis you will improve efficiency of your printed advertising.
This type of research answers the following questions:
  • Is your advertising noticeable against the competition?
  • What elements of the advertising image are noticed and unnoticed?
  • How and in what order do the respondents browse elements of your advertising?
  • What elements of your advertising attract attention most of all?
  • How much time does it take to find the main message, logo or advertised product?


Research objective: to know how is the attention spread between the different elements in the advertisement? How good does the brand attract the attention?

Methodology: Prada picture was exposed for 5 seconds and shown to 100 respondents.

By looking at the heat map and statistics tools we can observe that a majority (99%) of the respondents have looked at the phone.

But, how much have they actually looked at the different elements of the ad and in what order did the respondents see the elements?

TFF θ = Time to first fixation, which mean of the order that the respondents looked at the different areas. Smaller time duration equals faster findability.

OL θ = The average observation length, measured in time, time for a certain area.


ARA =is the ability to retain attention on a certain AOI. This measure is generated from the maximum duration of the stimuli and average observation length.


  • The print ad is well designed and has a natural viewing flow;
  • The focal point of the ad is on the phone which has the Prada logo as attention grabber;
  • The connection between Prada and LG is weak, due to the unbalanced coverage area and placement;
  • Distribution of attention between the different logos has to be improved if the LG logo is to grab more attention;
  • The Prada phone is the most seen part of this advertisement.