Heat map

Displays the most attractive elements of the image for consumers in the form of "hot" and "cold" spots creating so called heat map.

Displays both data of one induvidual test and of all participants in the research in whole.

This image was exposed to 5 respondents for 5 seconds.

As a result of hot spots based on the fication length shows that the focus of the respondents focused on the bottom of the advertising message, namely, the advertised product and brand.

One can conclude that the character also on hand to watch the respondents, but not so long delayed look at it as a brand and product, which are the most hot spots image. The text remains virtually ignored, except for the words Braun Series. The text under the advertised product also does not attract the attention of the respondents.

In the area of the image, which is not showing hot spots, respondents were not viewed at all.

If we look at hot spots based on the fixation count we can see that in general there is the same trend: a view of respondents drew a product, brand and character hands.

But it should be noted the difference between the hot spots based on the duration and number of commits in the brand. We see that respondents long, but not often detain look at the brand.

Heat map also can be displayed in the form of images vysvetleniya those areas that attract and hold the attention of consumers. In this dark part of the image remains unnoticed by the respondents.



  • Respondents pay more attention to product and brand;
  • The face of the hero and image of the hands attract the attention of respondents to a lesser degree than the advertised products and brand;
  • Respondents notice text and focus attention on the inscriptions Braun Series;
  • Respondents look at the brand not often, but long delayed look at it.

Heat map

Displays the most attractive elements of the image for consumers in the form of "hot" spots. Displays data of all research in whole.